land with a soul and a smile

An area that embraces coasts and mountains, countryside and towns. Spend the afternoon being lulled by the breeze of the Adriatic sea, and the evening in the hills enjoying delicious traditional dishes and a breathtaking view.

Charm, history and tradition Cesenatico

Combining the charm of the seaside resort and the tradition of the little fishing port, CESENATICO is an ideal destination for people of all age groups. Here you can meet lots of famous personalities – of show business, sport, culture and politics – walking along the promenade of the Porto Canale (‘Canal Harbour’) or along the Giardini del Mare (‘Sea Gardens’), or confortably sitting at a café or on the shore...

The salt of the earth Cervia

Legend has it that when the town was entirely surrounded by woods and forests, the bishop of Lodi was one of the most frequent visitors to this area. One day, while he was walking through the pinewood, a deer knelt down before him in devotion, recognizing him as God’s servant. Following that episode the town was named Cervia (the Italian word for ‘deer’ being ‘cervo’), not only to remind such an extraordinary event, but also because the pinewoods nearby were full of deer. One of the two versions seems to have convinced also the people of Cervia, as a deer kneeling on a green field is the coat of arms of the town.

Ravenna The city between art and culture

It is the largest and historically most important city in Romagna; its municipal territory is the second in Italy by surface, surpassed only by that of Rome. Ravenna, in its history, has been capital three times: of the Western Roman Empire, of the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths and of the Byzantine Exarchate. For the remains of this luminous past, the complex of the first Christian monuments of Ravenna is included in the list of Italian heritage sites by UNESCO.

San Marino The smallest state in Europe

Art is the most explicit manifestation of this cultural heritage: the works and monuments perfectly preserved on the Titan tell the whole story of this ancient Republic. Starting from the three towering towers, symbol of this ancient City-State that has always defended its freedom and autonomy. There are also churches, palaces and squares of great beauty, such as Piazza della Libertà, from which the view over the whole valley is enchanting, and the museums where you can learn about and deepen the past, but also the present of San Marino.

Fun Many Theme Parks

There are many solutions to spend afternoons of pure fun. Thanks to our excellent location you can easily reach the main attractions for entertainment, such as Mirabilandia, Atlantica Park, Italy in Miniature, Oltremare, Aquarium of Cattolica and many others!