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Pure Excitement without the Effort E-Bike tour Santarcangelo

An E-Bike tour offers an eco-friendly alternative that allows everyone to experience the freedom of following the rhythm of the heart. An E-Bike Tour  is the perfect way to pedal an electric mountain bike with a guide and explore the hinterland.

The Santarcangelo E-Bike Tour is an electric mountain bike journey of discovery into the cultural tradition of a beautiful medieval village featuring enchanting streets, historic buildings and many typical coloured houses. There is a guided tour of the ancient Stamperia Marchi and the public monumental cave: as you wander through the labyrinthine tunnels and rooms, you will be projected far back in time. Before returning to Cesenatico the tour makes a stop in Mutonia, which is home to the Mutoids, artists from all over the world, who create unique works reusing inorganic waste such as iron, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, aluminium, copper and brass.

The E-Bike Tour includes

  • a guide for the duration of the tour
  • e-bike, helmet and padlock
  • admission and guided tour of the Stamperia Marchi
  • entrance and guided tour of the Monumental Cave (we recommend that guests wear comfortable shoes suitable for a slightly uneven path and clothing adequate for a constant temperature of 13 degrees).
  • visit to the natural park of Mutonia

A picnic among olive trees in a magical atmosphere Scamporella

We wanted our guests to be able to experience first-hand the truly extraordinary nature and land of Romagna, so we created this journey from the sea to our hills.

SCAMPORELLA is a journey of discovery of traditional colours, flavours and scents that remain uncontaminated. Leave the chaos of the city behind and dive into an oil painting from the past where you are at the centre with us. Enjoy a dinner in a magical atmosphere with a chequered tablecloth spread beneath one of the many olive trees, a beautiful picnic basket full of delicacies with authentic and traditional flavours, and the excellent organic wine of the Azienda Agricola Terre Giunchi. The fantastic setting of this evening will allow you to look up at the stars and create a unique and unrepeatable moment.

The simplicity, cheerfulness, and spontaneity of people from Romagna accompany you throughout the evening experience, surprising you with the care taken in the setting, the music, soft cushions on which to lie down, soft lighting, and the scent of lavender and rosemary.

Fun for everyone Amusement Parks

The Adriatic coast has the greatest number of theme parks in Italy and Europe, 11 to be precise. It is an ecosystem of fun, in which different veins feed the heart of the excitement, and different worlds come together for the whole world to enjoy.

MIRABILANDIA is the largest amusement park in Italy. It offers an extraordinarily thrilling adventure full of unique sensations, as well as a ton of relaxation in the midst of a lush flowery oasis. There are record-breaking attractions and shows for the whole family. Parents and children can try to outdo each other and even smaller children can experience the thrill of new adventures by discovering explorers, pirates, cowboys or characters from the ancient world.

ATLANTICA covers an area of 100,000 square metres, of which 42,000 square metres is green area, with more than 1000 linear metres of water slides designed to offer unforgettable days, and a non-stop flow of enthusiastic fun for all. Interminable twisting slides start from towers over 15 metres high, at inclines of 70%, producing the feeling of gliding on the water like a stone and experiencing the thrill of flying.

The Cattolica AQUARIUM is like a tour of the world beneath the surface of the water, starting from the Mediterranean Sea, passing through the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans up to the wonderful Red Sea coral reef: penguins, otters, jellyfish and above all the largest bull sharks of Italy that swim slowly and mightily in the 700,000 litre saltwater tank, are just some of the more than 3,000 sea creatures that fill this exciting experience. 

Discover the coast by viewing it from the sea MINI CRUISE

What's more beautiful than discovering the sea by sailing it? Experience the beauty of the sea on an exciting mini cruise. Discover new landscapes and the opportunity to see the dolphins that live in the Adriatic while on board.

EXPLORING THE COAST The Adriatic Princess motor ship will give you truly unique and unforgettable moments, including the sea, nature, and typical local seafaring dishes. Guests embark in the early afternoon just a few steps from the hotel and, after admiring Rimini, Cattolica, and Gabicce from the sea, reach the promontory of San Bartolo with the opportunity to explore the high and rocky coast of the Adriatic with its cliffs overlooking the sea, admire the enchanting Angel Bay (Baia degli Angeli) and picturesque Vallugola Bay (Baia di Vallugola). Enjoy fried fish, chips, water and wine on the return voyage.

Enjoy dinner with an enchanting view of the illuminated coast and the waves lapping against the hull of the boat, the surrounding atmosphere will accompany your meal of typical Romagna seafood dishes as you sail through a night full of emotions and charm.

Surrounded by nature Thrilling Horseback Adventures

Immerse yourself in nature, visit the stables, and explore the world and life of horses. An instructor will accompany you on a discovery of this fantastic sport in contact with nature.

THRILLING HORSEBACK ADVENTURES allow you to discover a magical world. Accompanied by an instructor, guests can explore the equestrian world, immersed in nature from the saddle on horseback. A basic introductory course will enable guests to ride horses with no problems. Spend an unforgettable and carefree afternoon, paying attention only to the surrounding environment, made magical by the sense of freedom that only this sport can give.

Hypnotic landscapes amid nature and culture Cervia salt flats

With 827 hectares of charm and beauty, over 2,000 flamingos and 100 species of birds at 1,600 metres from the boundless Romagnola Riviera, with a network of canals that extend for 46 kilometres, the Cervia salt flats is a park without equal in the upper Adriatic , a gigantic mirror of water and salt, an interweaving of history and culture inextricably linked to the traditions of the place.

The abundance of fauna makes the salt flat an extremely interesting landscape environment. It has even been designated as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention. Since 1979, the Park has also become a Nature Reserve for animal populations, an important area for wintering and staging of water birds and for the nesting of colonial and non-colonial species.

Visitors are accompanied by a guide as they explore the secrets of the harvesting and production of salt. Starting from the Salt Flat Visitors Centre, a walk through the Salt Flat in the summer offers the opportunity to experience salt harvesting by hand as it was done in the past. The guided walk (about 800 metres) also includes birdwatching.