Book Early and Pay in Installments

HOLIPAY your beach holiday in small installments without interest

Do you want to book your holiday without worries? You can do it with us!. You simply have to book your holiday and, with the Holipay option, you will pay the booking amount step by step and without interest.



the vacation of your dreams!!!


1. First Payment €49.00 at the time of booking 

2. Subsequent Payments 1st and 15th day of each month 

3. Last Payment the day before check-in  

How it works?

- Holipay is the first BNPL (buy now Pay later) platform dedicated to the world of holidays, which allows you to book and pay in installments the entire amount of your stay by charging your credit card with no interest or commission.

How is the Holipay option activated? Very simple:

- confirm your quote and check the "Pay in installments with Holipay" option on the payment page at the time of booking
- insert your credit, debit or prepaid card and you're done! The amount of €49.00 will be charged at the time of booking
- if you have any doubts call 0547 82660, Cristina, Michela and Laura will help you book with Holipay👍

How many installments can the holiday be paid for?

- The number of installments is calculated automatically based on the time between the booking and the day before your arrival.

You can pay your holiday as follows:

first installment € 49.00 at the time of booking
monthly payments 1st and 15th day of each month (depending on the booking date and day of arrival)
last payment the day before check-in

Commercial Terms

- in case of cancellation within 30 days of arrival, only € 49.00 will be retained, after that € 400.00 will be retained and the rest will be returned
- in case of early departure, the customer is required to pay a penalty equal to 3 nights

What are the benefits?

- your holiday in installments is totally interest-free
- the financing is free of commissions so it's better for you 😉 no?!